In a land not my own, it's said in their legal documents that "the pursuit of happiness" is guaranteed.  It's certainly guaranteed here, just not put so plainly so.  Many people get confused at this statement, thinking that it's the happiness they're entitled to.  Read that statement again.

It's the pursuit of your happiness; that nothing will stand in your way of it when you choose to go after it.  You just need to attain it yourself.  No one will hand it to you, it will not come out of nowhere - you need to create it for yourself.  Boy, was this a hard lesson to learn.  I'm still learning, and the pursuit is still going strong.

My name is Cassandra Watsham, and this blog documents my pursuit of happiness.  Some people go to the gym, amassing muscle and physical power.  Some people chase a high, booze and drugs happily and all-too-readily available.  Me, I'm a performer.   

Many people may consider the pursuit of art "irresponsible", that the lifestyle of an artist is bohemian, hedonistic and selfish.  It can be selfish for both performer and audience; that both are transported away from their own lives and into another we can simply observe, as supposed to interact.  The responsibility to educate and entertain falls on both artist and patron; the artist to understand and communicate the message and median, the patron to carry on that inspiration.

Art is the reminder of the human spirit and enduring soul, a sense of compassion that seems to be the common thread that unites us all.  I believe art is a noble pursuit, and I am lucky to be surrounded by loving friends and family, who have proven to be a strong support system.  And to you, dear reader, happening across this blog, you have been folded into that circle, and your energy will be a part of me, and my energy will be a part of you.

Visit often to read updates on various projects, inspirations in art, editorial pieces on pop culture and social events.  You can also check out my latest headshots and photo shoots, acting resume and latest press from artistic ventures.  Come by and check out my other blog, as well, focusing on my jewelry designs, Design by Cassandra.

Here's to you, and that your pursuit concludes in happiness ...


(Click here to see my acting resume, and here to check out my headshots and photo shoots.)
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