Monday, March 28, 2011

T-Minus 5 Days!

I'm going on a road trip this weekend!  This time, it's Jenna and Cassandra Take NYC: The Sequel - and we've got backup!  It's Jenna's birthday at the end of the week, and being the 'Broadway geek' that she is, the proposition is a trip to New York City to see The Book of Mormon: The MusicalYeah!  We got four of us in the car - Graham, Jenna's brother; Lisa, Graham's girlfriend, Jenna and me - ready to go!

Jenna and I visited New York City in 2006, and I was a typical tourist at the time.  I had over 500 pictures from a measly 2 days.  It was inspirational.  The idiot I was, I freaked out a little inside when I heard my first real live Brooklyn accent from a hot dog vendor.  On that trip, we saw Dirty Rotton Scoundrels with Norbert Leo Butz and Jonathan Pryce, and Spamalot with David Hyde Pearce and Hank Azaria.  Jenna also took in an extra show at the Lincoln Centre to see Light in the Piazza, and seeing her with tears streaming down her face meeting up with her after the show, I didn't know if I was relieved or upset at the missed opportunity.  Luckily, PBS broadcasted the musical as part of their Live at the Lincoln specials.  Nothing like the real thing, surely - especially when Jenna had seats close enough actors could spit on her! - but it was really beautiful to watch.

If The Book of Mormon: The Musical is anything like Jerry Springer: The Opera, I think I'm ready for this.  This is the brainchild of the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  I've read many positive reviews attributing to the show's 'sweetness' albeit controversial subject matter of two missionaries spreading the Word in war-torn Uganda.  We'll also have a few hours to kill in the city before heading back home, and I'll be playing the tourist again, with camera in hand!  Here are some favourite photos of sights from our last trip.  Hopefully I'll have more to add to the collection when I come back!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Extras Wanted: "Kobra and the Lotus" Music Video

A very excellent opportunity if you've got a few hours on Sunday!

Calgary metal band Kobra and the Lotus are filming their latest music video in Toronto, Ontario and are looking for some extras for the shoot.  I had submitted a few headshots and my acting resume for kicks, and I got a callback today!  Problem for me is - it's on Sunday afternoon, smack in the middle of my Shout! rehearsal.  I've been told the shoot will run until about 3 am, but I don't have my own transportation back to Brampton from Toronto.  Damn being poor and no vehicle, but I'm trying to work a few things out.

I was told I can bring some friends along to participate, so ... you guys wanna go?  All you gotta do is email your age, a recent photo of you in "funeral attire" and contact information to kobracasting at gmail dot com, and they'll let you know the details.

I hope, hope, hope I'll see you there ... if I can make it ... eeeep!

"Can Theatre Reinvent an Economy?"

Sometimes, it pays to stay up waaay too late.  I won't even tell you what time I was up.

In such state of mild insomnia, I found myself watching The Agenda with Steve Paikin on TVO.  (TVO is a publicly-funded channel in Ontario full of cool documentaries, interview shows, old movies, educational stuff and kids shows in the morning for those not familiar.)  Hubby and I don't have cable - something we can really do without in the internet age, and puts an extra $50 or so in our pockets - the basic stuff is good enough for us, and I never really took such full advantage of its programming before.  After last nights'/this mornings' guest, I think I'll be paying more attention.

After a few guests talking about the dangerous situation of Japan's nuclear power plants and potential radiation fallout, I was surprised to see the above-mentioned topic on the graphic.  His guest was Antoni Cimolino, general director of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, discussing a wonderous volunteer effort reviving war-torn Suchitoto, El Salvador through the industrious and inspirational power of theatre, called Sharing A Dream.    The goal is to "replicate in Suchitoto the compelling success story that began in Stratford 55 years ago: the establishment of what is now North America’s leading classical theatre."

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Face" Test, no. 1

I never really know what my face is doing on camera.  I think I know, but when I see the picture, it's not what I thought I was doing.  So, I thought I'd be all 'camera-in-the-bathroom'-like with my bedroom mirror and try a few weird test shots with some over-exaggerated faces.

It's not a project out of vanity, per say, just more of a 'face preparation'.  I had done something similar with singing techniques, watching myself sing in the mirror.  My face seems to contort, my mouth and eyes widen, eyebrows arched waaaaaaay up, my teeth bared and lips forward; I really look like a cartoon.  Betcha lots of your favourite singers tend to look a little silly when they're singing at their best, too!   The 'faces' help shape the mouth and throat to hit proper notes, to sound out certain vowels and consonants, even for emotional expression in vocals.  Getting past how stupid I look to how much better I sounded when using my 'tools' properly, I feel a little more comfortable in my own skin ... and with my own face, I guess.  I'd like to get more involved as a photography subject, I'm hella too short to be a model, unfortunately - at 5'2, but I'm taller than I actually appear - but I have lots of ideas for interesting artsy photo shoots and 'test shots'.  I've been fortunate to be captured on film by some fantastic photographers, and hope to return to some more projects with them soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maybe they'll accept our apology?

Remember when Abi and I crashed INXS' party at Breakfast Television?  Well, we got a second chance to show them we actually like them, and we didn't mean any disrespect!  Really!

Sam's so great. She's The Blue Girl, radio star and a pretty awesome person to know.  I received a phone call from her yesterday afternoon.  She and her husband have an extra pair of tickets to the INXS concert at The Sound Academy, would I be interested?  Oh boy, was this a sign!  I called Abi, and we synchronized watches - for yet another trip to Toronto!

SHOUT! Front Page of the Orangeville Citizen!

 Check it out!  We made the front page of the Orangeville Citizen today!

Thanks so much to the Winchester Arms for letting us entertain their patrons on Tuesday night, treating them to a preview of what's to come from our show!  We had them singin' and dancin', laughin' till their faces hurt, it was a great time!  It was a positive experience for us as a cast, getting those performance jitters out of the way.  We've got a few more chances, too, being this the first of many previews to come around the Orangeville community!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hopefully he'll get his invitation?

Lemme tell you a fun little "gimmick" we've got going for this show, possibly at Sir Elton John's expense.

It's rumoured that Sir Elton John and his husband, Canadian-born David Furnish, have a home in the Caledon-Orangeville area.  My fellow castmate, Abi (playing The Yellow Girl) and I are pretty certain that we pass by it every time we drive to rehearsal from Brampton.  We were initially kidding about walking up to what we possibly thought could be his front door with two tickets in hand for Shout! and a number for a trusted babysitting service (for their new son, Zachary!), inviting them to a night of entertainment, since he's entertained us for so many years.

Uh, the joke had gone from playful "pressure banter" to actually trying to get him there.  Ha!  How are we going to do that?

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