Friday, February 26, 2010

Shot in Brampton: F2: FORENSICS FACTOR

This post was originally published on my handmade jewelry blog, Design by Cassandra, on February 26, 2010.

Walking home from work the other night, we happened across a night television shoot for Discovery Channel's F2: Forensic Factor.  We're not entirely sure what the plot of this episode was, but we know the crew was trying to turn snow-dumped Eastern Avenue in Brampton, Ontario into summery Georgia, Atlanta.  Going as far as removing every trace of snow from hedges, trees, bushes, sidewalks and lawns and working in tight shots, it was a pretty cold night to work outdoors.  We watched as they shot a suspicious young man coming out of a car, looking around, and reaching back into his car for a gun, which he placed in the pocket of his large coat.  Nick had a chance to chat with the special effects supervisor, who told us to expect some gunfire to go off a little later, as they were applying bullet holes to the side of a car.  We didn't stick around for the gunfight, it was too cold, but we'll try to look out for the episode.

Shot in Brampton: FRINGE's Pilot Episode

This post was originally published on my handmade jewelry blog, Design by Cassandra, on February 26, 2010.

So here's something that was a little too close to home for hubby and I ...

We are both huge J.J. Abrams fans; we absolutely love his work.  More often than not you'll find a Lost rerun playing on the television when you walk into our apartment.  So, to immediately recognize the hospital FBI agent John Scott was kept for treatment after a chemical explosion in the pilot episode was a bit of a shock - to have it a block away from our apartment was another thing!

Agent John Scott, played by Mark Valley, is transported to a military medical unit for observation after his skin turns translucent after being in the middle of a chemical blast.  Agent Olivia Dunham rushes to the hospital to see his condition, only to be faced with challenges she would never expect to overcome.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Haiti: A Nation In Need, A Nation Of Miracles

This post was originally published on my handmade jewelry blog, Design by Cassandra, on February 19, 2010.

The earthquake that had hit this impoverished nation about a month ago had changed the lives of these people forever, with a society in ruins, death at every corner, missing family and loved ones yet to be found.  Food is scarce, water is depleted, shelter questionable, with the country still threatened with powerful aftershocks.  No matter how much help is sent, it doesn't seem to get to them fast enough, with nearly 3 million people displaced and in need of the most basic qualities of life.

We hear of devastation and death, we hear of panic and despair, but we also hear of miracles.  Survivors are still being found among the ruins, singing praises to the heavens, smiling happily at their rescuers.  Nations from all over the world toss rubble aside in hopes to find more survivors; the sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives of those who still hope.

Haiti is still in need, and the rebuilding efforts will be colossal.  Backed with a global effort made up of charitable organizations and international governments, it is a combined goal that Haiti will become a nation that will be able to restore its envisioned glory, its culture and society intact and stronger than ever.

Below are a collection of images that have marked poignant emotional and public moments of the tragedy and triumphs of the Haitian people.  If you would like to help, donate now to World Vision Canada, and the Canadian government will match your donation.

Some of these images may be disturbing in nature.

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