Friday, February 26, 2010

Shot in Brampton: FRINGE's Pilot Episode

This post was originally published on my handmade jewelry blog, Design by Cassandra, on February 26, 2010.

So here's something that was a little too close to home for hubby and I ...

We are both huge J.J. Abrams fans; we absolutely love his work.  More often than not you'll find a Lost rerun playing on the television when you walk into our apartment.  So, to immediately recognize the hospital FBI agent John Scott was kept for treatment after a chemical explosion in the pilot episode was a bit of a shock - to have it a block away from our apartment was another thing!

Agent John Scott, played by Mark Valley, is transported to a military medical unit for observation after his skin turns translucent after being in the middle of a chemical blast.  Agent Olivia Dunham rushes to the hospital to see his condition, only to be faced with challenges she would never expect to overcome.

Straight from the Season One DVD, here's some shots of the "military hospital" poor Agent Scott was held, actually known as Peel Memorial Hospital in Brampton, Ontario.  The buildings behind Agent Dunham in the second frame are a series of medical offices across the street from the hospital.

And here is the Peel Memorial Hospital in Brampton, Ontario.  It's currently under renovation - and has been for the last few years.  I say, good on the city for taking advantage of its' current 'availability'.

I just thought that was way cool.  We'll have to keep an eye out, see if any more movie or television shoots show up ...

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