Saturday, June 4, 2011

Links of the Week: Hitchcock, "Liars" & Roughhousing

As an actor and artist, it is always important to be aware of the continuing social changes in the world around you.  Sometimes, even those small, poignant moments can cause a flurry of activity that change hearts and minds.  This can affect our art in certain ways we may not notice immediately, but can certainly shape our voices in a vast sea of creation.  The internet is a great resource of information that can help create opinions and shape moments that can be used in the craft, as well as an understanding of our art and how people react, behave, come together or are torn apart in times of change.  I also occasionally find the awesome 'geek link'; 'Easter eggs' about favourite movie and television franchises, production news for upcoming projects and the like.  All stuff to excite you about the art and keep you informed about the art around you.

I'm always on news sites, bookmarking current events from the all over the world that interest me or affect me in some way.  Along with those, I'll be sharing them every so often with you here for your enjoyment and education.  Please feel free to share any cool links, as well ... Enjoy this week's picks!

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