Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Congrats to BMT's 'Sound of Music'!

I'm so very proud of my boyfriend!  Nick has just finished wrapping up playing classical guitar and mandolin for Brampton Music Theatre's The Sound of Music on November 12, and he played magically.  Nick comes from a progressive rock background with his guitar playing, so tackling something like Rodgers and Hammerstein is no small feat.  He did so well!

I also had the chance to see a few of my BMT Youth Troupe students on stage as members of the chorus, consisting mainly of nuns, Nazis and Austrian nobility.  I had audibly gasped at the opening number of the nuns singing "Preludium" in beautiful harmonious a cappella.  I think, without obvious bias, the nuns had to be my favourite part of the show.

A heart-felt congrats, as well, to my dearest friend and music mentor Josh Priess for an incredible job as music director!  As mentioned before, Rodgers and Hammerstein ain't easy - but the man sure did make it look that way!

To all the cast, crew and musicians - congratulations on your vision of a family classic!  It was enjoyed immensely!

(Nick had snapped a couple of photos from backstage I thought I'd post, as well.  Enjoy!)

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