Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The 'Mod Rainbow'!

Wigs!  Go go boots!  Union Jack dresses!  Oh, man - this was fun!

Dan Pelton from the Orangeville Citizen is very good to us; he wants to keep us in the press and opted for another photo shoot - in costume!  The Mad Hatter Pub in Orangeville has an old-school British telephone box we were hoping to climb into like a bunch of college coeds - alas, it was bolted shut.  The weather certainly did cooperate for our 'London shoot' (rain!), so we pulled out our Union Jack umbrellas and mugged for the camera.  Lookit those colours - we felt like the rainbow in that storm! 

(I had a little fun with to give them a vintage '60s feel, and a little text flair.  Like?)

from left: Abi Adekoya, Samantha Russell, me!, Justine Christie, Elizabeth Glenday

This marks the first time we've climbed into costume and got a real sense of physical character.  This is also the very first time we've seen the wigs, leading to nervous anticipation.  Alison, our director, had seen Meadowvale Theatre's run of this same show last year and managed to procure them for our show ... I'm sure along with a few other things.  (Many, many thanks to you!)  Their program was beautiful, looking like a Shout! magazine itself, and we got a chance to see the pictures of the actresses in full costume.  Seeing a picture and seeing it with your own eyes are two different experiences.  I let out a little squeal when I saw my wig - between that Snooki-envy hair bump and those sky-high go go boots, I just may be average height!  Because of its height, it gets a little teeter-tottery on the head, and I plan to wear it for the next few choreography rehearsals to get used to the balance.  It's like a small basket on your head.  Maybe it'll help improve the posture?  I'm hoping we can incorporate some gag where I pull something out of it, like a nail file or maracas.  It's a really awesome wig, it's so cartoonish, in the best of ways.  Everyone looked so different - it was a great big 'mod' makeover! 

Seeing everyone in costume together was a really exciting moment.  It was like a sweet sixteen sleepover in the change room, loud guffaws and peals of laughter as we transformed into these girls we've personified over the past few months.  We've recently been quelling some frustration from mistakes during rehearsals, not quite nailing the harmonies, missing cues and whatnot, and I look at this picture and it melts away - it's all coming together, and I know we can do this.  Call it niave hope, call it a sense of destiny, call it confidence, I just know this show will be incredible.

Wanna check it out?  Click on the banner on the top of the post for ticket information!

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