Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011: Working the Camera for

To any photographers that got in my face, I'd like to give a little apology from the actor-in-charge, so to speak - zombie Cassandra doesn't like lingering cameras, so if I started screaming and/or was incredibly violent to you, I'm so sorry, it was all in good fun!  I did find a couple of really awesome shots from some folk who have been kind enough to forward links - check these out!

Photo by Chris Cheung

Photo by Konstantina Photography
Photo by Chris Cheung
Photo by Jeff Currey

There was a particular memorable moment with a few handsome zombies and their tripod-and-camera setup.  They had the camera pointed at me, looking at the viewscreen while I was sitting on the ground, 'shackled' to Nick, trying to rip open my brain-and-Jell-O package.  I had noticed the camera focused on me and figure I'd have a little fun.  I had mentioned earlier that zombie Cassandra doesn't enjoy lingering cameras, and this one lingered for quite some time.  I had built up the zombie frustration to a point where I threw the brain aside and began to scream like a maniac at the camera, telling them in my best zombie-speak to F@#! OFF AND GET THAT CAMERA OUTTA MY FACE!!!  My message was lost in translation because handsome zombie man and friends started to applaud my 'demonstration' while Nick 'dragged' me away.  Nick had later discovered they were a couple of bloggers from, capturing images from this year's Zombie Walk - and they had included my zombie tantrum in their short video!  You can check it out here, it's a really impressive video - you'll find me and Nick's big gun at the 1:08 mark. 

Thanks to everyone who's been forwarding me links and pictures they snapped of me at the Zombie Walk!  Lemme know if you happen to come across any more!

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