Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BMT's RENT Production Team Picture

May I introduce you to the award-winning team - cast, crew and musicians - of Brampton Music Theatre's RENT!  You'll find me on the upper left-hand corner in the plaid shirt, standing next to partner-in-crime propsmaster Alice Dyment to the right in white, and Daniel Kim, our 'Benny', to my left in the black coat. 

A few other special mentions from SHOUT! - Abi Adekoya, our Yellow Girl, on the stairs in the red jacket, you'll see Alison Port and Dale Lundy, our director and producer, a few steps below Abi on the stairs, Josh Priess, music director for both SHOUT! and RENT, is sitting on the table in the RENT shirt with James Faulkner, ditto guitarist for both shows, too.  I think that's about it ...

Well, I can easily tell you that almost two-thirds of these people I've worked with in some artistic endeavour at one point or another.  Some of them for more than a decade (hello, Marg - far right hand side on the stage, that adorable woman!  Family friend for ages!), and some I had just met, but I've made many friends for life.

See what a small but glorious world community theatre can be?

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