Thursday, May 26, 2011

"You'll never believe what got me my dream job ..."

I never tell people where I've applied for a job for two reasons.  First, I don't want to jinx it.  Second, I don't want competition.  Other than the heads-up phone call to my references, I don't really reveal what's what until I'm sure.  Well, this one's for sure, and it's amazing!

I had a surprise guest in the audience for our preview performance on Thursday night of Shout! - Victor and Sonia Isidoro from Synergy Performing Arts Academy, where I had applied for a theatre arts teacher position.  I had a couple of interviews with them at that point, and invited them to the show to "see me in action" and get a sense of my performance dynamic.  I knew they had a busy schedule ahead of them with student recitals on the same weekend as our show, so it was something I didn't really concern myself with.  What a surprise when Sonia had called me on Friday morning asking if I had seen her and Victor in the audience the night before - geeeeeeez, I'm glad I didn't see them!  They were so impressed by our performance and they loved everyone - and gave me the job!!!!!!!!  I'll be starting as a day camp instructor for theatre arts, moving to classes in September for a 30-week program.  In the meantime, they'd like to offer me receptionist hours to help supplement the income.  I am being groomed to potentially become Director of Theatre Arts for the academy. Wheeeeeeeee!  I've been working with a couple of lovely ladies at the administrative reception desk for the past week, meeting all these energetic kids full of imagination.  And - I just received my first paycheque today!

I was very glad to find out the day after, I didn't want to take away from Sam's moment on Thursday night being surprised by her mum, who flew in from England to see the show.  We've all have had some rather wonderful moments come of Shout!, and we've been so privileged to be able to share them together.  It was really hard to keep quiet on the ride up to the theatre for our opening night, and I was excited to tell my friends my good news, what they had helped me achieve.  I'll be doing a lot of reading from my own collection of texts and plays and delving into my personal theatre history and recalling favourite memories that will help me pass along my love of the art to these kids.  I'm also taking this opportunity to refine my own 'formula' for my acting technique, research some of the great theatre minds of our time and commentary of social events and how they can influence the craft - along with the fun stuff that keeps it weird!  I'll be posting all of that right here - and I've got a tattered notebook right beside me choked full of stuff to share. 

Thank you to a great big support circle of family and friends who have "kept me afloat" during my search for artistic fulfillment.  Through these past few months mentally looking in a mirror, I've learned I need to swallow my pride a bit more and take the help of the people that truly care.  The whole pride thing comes from a suffering mentality, that if I can't do it myself I shouldn't accept it.  There are times when I can't do it alone, and I shouldn't.  These people - and they know who they are - helped me see the best in myself and kept me positive.  I couldn't have done it without them, and without you. 

Well, stay tuned!  I got a lot of books to go through, and possibly a lot of questions ... I may need some help!


  1. I'm really proud of you Cassandra. This dream job sounds like something 'Scripted' just for you. Your personality is much better suited for showbiz than retail anyway! Ha ha! (I've been dying to tell you that). Always be true to yourself, have pride in what you can do well and allow people to help you with the rest!
    Moving on, I keep raving about your performance in Shout! and hope there will be a 'limited run at Cyril Clarke(?)' in the near future.
    All the best,
    Jamie (let's ride bikes!)

  2. Thank you for all your support, Jamie! We're hoping we'll get Shout! back up and running. You'll see it posted here as soon as I find out!


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