Monday, May 2, 2011

SHOUT! Fundraiser Barbecue at Zehrs - With a Stop at Blightys!

We had a blast doing something rather unique in a community theatre experience - a meet n' greet in costume!  We were treated - again - to perfect London rain, making those Union Jack minis the least favourite costume thus far.  At least those sky-high go go boots and big-hair wigs kept us partially warm!  Alison works as a cake baker and decorator at Zehrs Grocery in Orangeville, and they were rather wonderful hosts to us as we pranced around, talking to shoppers and kidnapping their children to get their faces painted by Liz ... er, Ms. Orange, if you please, for a meager donation to our leggy cause.  Liz even had some of her Barefoot Sandals for sale with proceeds going to the production.  (They're really cute - check 'em out on Etsy!)  Burgers and hot dogs were grilled with sauteed onions, a chance to win some awesome prizes, we even had Sarah, a good friend of Alison, come by with her Austin Mini - with Austin inside!  After a few hours of jaunting in heels, we visited our friends at Blightys Tuck Shop for a quick hello before we headed home.  We did have rehearsal the next day - we had to go home and take care of our feet!

Unfortunately, my camera's batteries were not prepped, because I'm that guy, yet again.  With a little help from our friends, I've managed to procure some pictures of our visit to Blightys to show.  We had a some photo ops with some generous patrons with donations, and Tammy from Snap Dufferin came by to give us a little press love.  (The shopping cart was her idea - genius!  Thank you, Tammy!)  You'll see it in May's issue of Snap Dufferin, which I'll promptly post here.

In the meantime, gander on the gams that strolled through 'Corrie Street' in Orangeville's Blightys Tuck Shop!  And thanks to all for your support at the barbecue!  Let's hope the tally racks in some big bucks!

Stay tuned for the Snap Dufferin article!

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