Saturday, March 24, 2012

Synergy Theatre Arts: ANNIE Script for Class Recital

The recital for Synergy Performing Arts Academy is fast approaching (May 5!), and I think I might be more nervous than the kids.  This entire experience has been jarring, rewarding, stressful and full of valuable lessons about my own creative process.  The most rewarding part for me is seeing the kids really enjoy themselves and trusting the process together.  Although I've had to go through rewrites, dropped students and changes in lineups, I've managed to come up with a couple of scenes for the kids to lead up to the songs.

Without futher ado, here's the script for the kids for ANNIE!  The orphans are named after the kids in the class to keep the script simple.  This skit was actually a compilation of excellent audition monologues I had found and had arranged them into a scene that would lead into their performance of the number "Hard Knock Life."  Enjoy!

The orphans are all asleep in makeshift beds around the stage.  A few make soft, muffled sounds in their sleep while shifting positions.  DRYDEN and her sidekick, TIFFANY, snore in unison rather loudly from their sleeping positions.  Suddenly, MYA starts to stir from a nightmare and starts to talk in her sleep.
MYA (in her sleep):
Mama!  Mama!  Mommy!  Wait, Mommy!  Mama!

MYA continues to toss and turn in bed, waking KHANDACE, KEYANNA and SOMER from their beds, noticing MYA’s dreaming condition and begin to worry.  KHANDACE rushes over to MYA’s bedside.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!  Molly’s talking in her sleep.  Her eyes are still closed.  She don’t know how loud or soft her voice is when she’s asleep.

At least she’s not snoring, like those two.  (She gestures with annoyance over to DRYDEN and TIFFANY, still asleep and snoring.)

MYA awakes with a start and a yell, which startles the other girls awake.  They all stretch from their slumber and look around to see where the noise came from, finally focusing on MYA.

Oh, no!  I was dreamin’ ‘bout my Mama.  We were on the merry-go-round and she was smiling and holding my hand, and then she was gone!  I couldn’t stop the merry-go-round and I couldn’t find her no more.

Shut up, MYA!  Can’t anyone get some sleep around here?

Yeah, can’t anyone sleep?

THE ORPHANS try to shush DRYDEN and TIFFANY silently.

Pipe down, or Ms. Hannigan will hear you!

What?  You’re telling me to pipe down?  You’re beggin’ for a black eye, pal!

Yeah, you’re beggin’ for it!

DRYDEN and TIFFANY both ‘put their dukes up’, ready to take on the crowd.  AALIYAH jumps in the middle of everyone to try to break the tension.

Pipe down, all of you!  Do you want Hannigan to hear you?  (She goes to MYA.)  Shhhh, MYA, it’s alright, we’re here for you.  (She pulls a hankercheif out and holds it in front of MYA’s face.)  Here, blow.  (MYA blows her nose rather noisily.  THE ORPHANS react in disgust and worry it was too loud.)  It was only a dream, you know, but it’s after 3am and we’ve all gotta get back to sleep.

ANNIE, why don’t you read us your note again?  It always makes us feel better.  Then we’ll all promise to go back to sleep, yes?

THE ORPHANS all nod in agreement.  DRYDEN and TIFFANY snicker.

Alright then, if you’d like … (She pulls out a folded piece of paper from her makeshift mattress and sits beside Molly.  THE ORPHANS gather round and make themselves comfortable, with DRYDEN and TIFFANY hanging back and making fun of the rest of them.  TAYLOR clears her throat and begins to read.)  “Please take care of our little darling.  We’ve named her Annie.  She was born on October 28 …”

DRYDEN and TIFFANY let out a loud, mocking laugh.  THE ORPHANS turn to look at them with daggers in their eyes.

So, you’re laughing, are you?  You wanna sleep with your teeth inside your mouth or not?

DRYDEN, TIFFANY and MARTYNA start what becomes an all-out pillowfight brawl all around the stage, until they hear the shrill voice of MS. HANNIGAN.

What is all this!!?!?!???!!!!

THE ORPHANS run into their ‘soldier lines’ and stand at attention at MS. HANNIGAN’S entrance.  She is in a loud and colourful dress with terrible makeup and curlers in her hair.  MARTYNA and DRYDEN are still picking on each other when MS. HANNIGAN isn’t looking while she marches up and down, scowling at THE ORPHANS, who don’t move an inch and follow her with their eyes.

You want to be up in the middle of the night?  FINE! You’ll stay up all night until this dump shines like the top of the Chrysler Building!  Now say it!  Say it!!

(Not really meaning it, but fearing her wrath if they don't say it:) We love you, Miss Hannigan.

 (She turns to the audience with a knowing look and mumbles:)  ‘Little girls!’

THE ORPHANS remain in their soldier line positions until MS. HANNIGAN exits.  They turn in her direction and make the silliest, most ridiculous faces and gestures of extreme dislike in her direction.


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