Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Extras Wanted: "Kobra and the Lotus" Music Video

A very excellent opportunity if you've got a few hours on Sunday!

Calgary metal band Kobra and the Lotus are filming their latest music video in Toronto, Ontario and are looking for some extras for the shoot.  I had submitted a few headshots and my acting resume for kicks, and I got a callback today!  Problem for me is - it's on Sunday afternoon, smack in the middle of my Shout! rehearsal.  I've been told the shoot will run until about 3 am, but I don't have my own transportation back to Brampton from Toronto.  Damn being poor and no vehicle, but I'm trying to work a few things out.

I was told I can bring some friends along to participate, so ... you guys wanna go?  All you gotta do is email your age, a recent photo of you in "funeral attire" and contact information to kobracasting at gmail dot com, and they'll let you know the details.

I hope, hope, hope I'll see you there ... if I can make it ... eeeep!

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