Monday, March 28, 2011

T-Minus 5 Days!

I'm going on a road trip this weekend!  This time, it's Jenna and Cassandra Take NYC: The Sequel - and we've got backup!  It's Jenna's birthday at the end of the week, and being the 'Broadway geek' that she is, the proposition is a trip to New York City to see The Book of Mormon: The MusicalYeah!  We got four of us in the car - Graham, Jenna's brother; Lisa, Graham's girlfriend, Jenna and me - ready to go!

Jenna and I visited New York City in 2006, and I was a typical tourist at the time.  I had over 500 pictures from a measly 2 days.  It was inspirational.  The idiot I was, I freaked out a little inside when I heard my first real live Brooklyn accent from a hot dog vendor.  On that trip, we saw Dirty Rotton Scoundrels with Norbert Leo Butz and Jonathan Pryce, and Spamalot with David Hyde Pearce and Hank Azaria.  Jenna also took in an extra show at the Lincoln Centre to see Light in the Piazza, and seeing her with tears streaming down her face meeting up with her after the show, I didn't know if I was relieved or upset at the missed opportunity.  Luckily, PBS broadcasted the musical as part of their Live at the Lincoln specials.  Nothing like the real thing, surely - especially when Jenna had seats close enough actors could spit on her! - but it was really beautiful to watch.

If The Book of Mormon: The Musical is anything like Jerry Springer: The Opera, I think I'm ready for this.  This is the brainchild of the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  I've read many positive reviews attributing to the show's 'sweetness' albeit controversial subject matter of two missionaries spreading the Word in war-torn Uganda.  We'll also have a few hours to kill in the city before heading back home, and I'll be playing the tourist again, with camera in hand!  Here are some favourite photos of sights from our last trip.  Hopefully I'll have more to add to the collection when I come back!

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