Monday, March 14, 2011

"Face" Test, no. 1

I never really know what my face is doing on camera.  I think I know, but when I see the picture, it's not what I thought I was doing.  So, I thought I'd be all 'camera-in-the-bathroom'-like with my bedroom mirror and try a few weird test shots with some over-exaggerated faces.

It's not a project out of vanity, per say, just more of a 'face preparation'.  I had done something similar with singing techniques, watching myself sing in the mirror.  My face seems to contort, my mouth and eyes widen, eyebrows arched waaaaaaay up, my teeth bared and lips forward; I really look like a cartoon.  Betcha lots of your favourite singers tend to look a little silly when they're singing at their best, too!   The 'faces' help shape the mouth and throat to hit proper notes, to sound out certain vowels and consonants, even for emotional expression in vocals.  Getting past how stupid I look to how much better I sounded when using my 'tools' properly, I feel a little more comfortable in my own skin ... and with my own face, I guess.  I'd like to get more involved as a photography subject, I'm hella too short to be a model, unfortunately - at 5'2, but I'm taller than I actually appear - but I have lots of ideas for interesting artsy photo shoots and 'test shots'.  I've been fortunate to be captured on film by some fantastic photographers, and hope to return to some more projects with them soon.

That, and I just coloured my hair.  I wanted to see how it looked, really.  The necklace I'm wearing is of my own design, the Double C necklace from the "Swear on Chanel" Collection. You can read more about it on my jewelry design and fashion blog, Design by Cassandra.

So what did I take away from this little experiment?

Well, that damn scar on my forehead can be an eyesore.  I got it when I was a kid; I fell off a bridge into a creek, cracked the noggin'.  I was four when that happened, I think.  I've had a few 'Harry Potter' cracks my way, all in fun.  (Personally, I like my scar.  It's a great 'conversation piece'.)  I've got a great set of teeth, and my smile is pretty enormous.  It's an honest one, because it makes my eyes squint from all those laugh lines.  My favourite feature about my face are my eyes, big and expressive.  A nice green colour, too - not seeing that too often, nowadays.  I've got the same little smirk my grandfather had when I smile with my mouth closed.  My neck looks so strained, I have to learn to relax that a little. 

With practice makes perfect!  This was a little weird to do at first, but knowing my intention made it easier for me to go through this exercise and use it to my advantage.  Singers, actors and comedians would definitely benefit from something like this ... but sometimes it's a lot easier when someone else is holding the camera, too!

If you're a photographer, or know of one who would like to expand their portfolio and are looking for expressive models for artistic shoots, point them in this direction - I've got oooooodles of ideas, and lots more faces in my repertoire!

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  1. I know what you mean; I can't tell you how surprised I continue to be by my own photos, especially since starting Photo Shoot Friday. I guess it's the equivalent of hearing your recorded voice and thinking, Hey, that's not what I sound like! Your experiment sounds interesting; good luck :)


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