Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maybe they'll accept our apology?

Remember when Abi and I crashed INXS' party at Breakfast Television?  Well, we got a second chance to show them we actually like them, and we didn't mean any disrespect!  Really!

Sam's so great. She's The Blue Girl, radio star and a pretty awesome person to know.  I received a phone call from her yesterday afternoon.  She and her husband have an extra pair of tickets to the INXS concert at The Sound Academy, would I be interested?  Oh boy, was this a sign!  I called Abi, and we synchronized watches - for yet another trip to Toronto!

I actually brought one of the 'Elton' Shout! signs I painted the other night (not the one with his name on it, I'm not that rude) to hold up, maybe to see if they recognize it, and maybe a chance to apologize for being jerks, dancing like fools behind them at BT.  (Really, you'll have to read about it here.)  Abi advised against it; last thing I need are a bunch of women lusting for J.D. Fortune - who, by the way, was amazing - and my stupid sign get in their way of locking eyes with him.  No, I would be annoyed, actually.  I left it in the car, and forgot about it as soon as the lights went down and the music started pounding.  We never got to offer that apology, but I'm sure our screams of appreciation were heard amongst the rest of the crowd.  There could have been more saxophone, but that alto sax solo really ripped on "Never Tear Us Apart".  Ooooooh.  We were also cheering on the backup singers, one on each side of the stage, singin' all those harmony oooooohs and aaaaaahs.  It's a tough job, we know - and boy, were they good!  That blond one could really hold her own!

The concert was an amazing live experience.  The band opened with two sets of rototoms and drum kit for breathtaking percussion solo you only get to really appreciate live.  That was one of my favourite moments - and when it's the opener, you know it's gonna be good.  J.D. Fortune, after having some 'bad luck' *ahem* on his side, was visibly appreciative of the love the crowd and his bandmates were giving him.  I had heard his parents were in attendance, and he looked pretty teary-eyed with gratitude at the end of the show.  It was pretty awesome to see a performer so aware of his audience, and so humbled by his own opportunities and talents.  J.D. deserves all that he gets coming to him, so as long as he keeps throwing out good karma like last night!

Abi, you might disagree with me, I know.  *wink*

Thank you, Sam and Neil, for thinking of us!  We had such a great time, and INXS really put on a great show.  Too bad my camera batteries died midway into the concert, I'm always left unprepared in these situations.

Oh, and to the intoxicated gentleman I sang to when I was outside having a cigarette - trust me, it sounds better with all five harmonies!  You have to come see the show!

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