Thursday, July 7, 2011

Synergy Arts Camp: 'The Paper Bag Princess', Day Four

Look out - here comes day four of Paper Bag Princess week!

We started the day with a simple physical game that's a whole heck of a lotta fun, called the Mirror Game!
  • The Mirror Game (focus, movement, group building, trust)
    • Each person finds a partner and stands across and faces each other; one being A and the other B.  A will move their bodies slowly and easily at first so that B can 'mirror' everything they're doing at the same time.  The goal is to do their best to do every action together so that an outside observer can't tell who is following who.
    • What's the benefit of this game?  This is a great exercise as the kids learn to trust each other in a follow-and-lead game.  This sense of trust is important to build in theatre when performing with other actors.  
With the warm-up game all wrapped up, we got to rehearsing Paper Bag Princess!
I had snapped a few pictures of the kids during their free time rooting through some play costumes we had in the back room.  Hilarity ensues!
With this week as a great learning experience for the dance portion, I'm working on some extensive dance handouts which will include the basic history, dancewear, and diagrams of stretches and dancemoves.  I've even found some awesome articles, pictures and exercises!  We worked a little on tap today, trying out some basic dance moves sans tap shoes.  The kids had a great time 'stamping' their feet around in different rhythms! 

The kids are doing so well in their Paper Bag Princess rendition, I can hardly contain my excitement for tomorrow!

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