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Synergy Arts Camp: Synergy Superhero Mission: "What? No Milk?!"

Here it is, friend of friends!  The script to be performed on Friday for Synergy Superheroes week, based on the kids' superhero characters and guided suggestions to solve the mission!  The characters and their abilities are all named after the kids, and they were rather pleased with the outcome.  We'll be rehearsing this skit for the rest of the week to perform on Friday!

 Script for Mission: “What? No Milk?!”   

The last we left our heroes, they’ve ready to enjoy their delicious treat of their favourite cookies

(Simran pretends to take cookies out of the oven, while the other heroes are around a table, waiting eagerly.  She pretends the cookie pan is hot, and carefully brings the “pan” over to the table without dropping any cookies.  The heroes at the table cheer!)

Now, any decent hero knows that you can’t eat cookies without a cool, refreshing glass of milk.

(The heroes look at their “empty glasses” and tip them upside down, to see if there is anything inside.  They find nothing, and look disappointed.)

Well, go on, the milk should be in the fridge!

(The heroes pretend that the door of the fridge is right in front of the audience.  They pretend to open the door together – as it is very heavy – and all look inside.  Each hero pretends to take something out of the fridge, react to it and move it out of the way to look for the milk.)

The heroes found guacamole, brussel sprouts, mustard and pickles, but no milk in sight!

(The heroes looked shocked to the audience and do the ‘Home Alone’ face – hands on your cheeks with your mouth in a ‘silent scream’.)

It’s time to take action – it’s time for Team Super Synergy Friends!

(The heroes strike poses and sing their simple theme song – DA DA-DA DA!)

The closest place where the heroes could get the milk for their cookies was Bramalea City Centre – about 100 miles away from their super-secret fortress.  But they only had so much time before the cookies would completely cool!

(Devan – ‘Speed Guy’ – steps forward in a heroic pose.)

Our hero Speed Guy can run at super-speed – you’ve never seen anything faster!

(Devan shouts his ‘power up’ words and runs offstage and waits backstage.  Esha steps forwards and strikes a heroic pose.)

Our SuperGirl from Planet Purple Cotton Candy can fly – and she takes off with a bolt of sugary lightning!

(Esha shouts her ‘power-up’ words to fly and performs a ‘jazz jump’ to represent a flight take-off and runs offstage to join her brother backstage.)

Point Girl of Point Planet has a very unique ability to change into any animal she desires – so she morphed into a bumblebee to fly to the Bramalea City Centre!

(Simran shouts her ‘power-up’ words to change into a bumblebee.  She puts on her mask and holds up her bumblebee craft to fly around.  She “flies” offstage to join Devan and Esha.)

And, in a matter of seconds – because they’re all super, you know – our heroes have successfully made their journey to Bramalea City Centre!

(The heroes come back to centre stage and pretend to look around, as if they’re inside a very large shopping mall, with many floors and shops to look at.  It’s very big and impressive!  They start checking their pockets for money, turning them inside out.)

Uh-oh, heroes.  We seem to have a problem – who brought the money for milk?  And where is the grocery store in this huge shopping mall, anyway?

(The heroes start to look panicked, checking their pockets over and over again, and looking at the many shops in the huge shopping mall, feeling lost.  Simran checks her watch and does her best ‘Home Alone’ face.)

Point Girl has just checked her watch – there’s five minutes before the stores close!  And here comes a security guard to tell them to leave!

(The heroes are still at centre stage.  They pretend a big, mean security guard is coming towards them.  They still stay in one place and do their best ‘Home Alone’ faces to the audience and to each other!  Esha steps forward to protect her friends!)

Brave SuperGirl takes care of that security guard – with her spaghetti shooting power! 

(Esha shouts her ‘power-up’ words and “shoots” spaghetti by tossing string in front of her.  The heroes pretend they see the “spaghetti” tangle the security guard and are relieved.  Devan pretends to pull out a large map of the shopping mall and needs the help of the other heroes to fold it out.)

The heroes find the market on a map – and it’s all the way on the third floor on the other side of the mall!

(The heroes pretend they’re holding a really big map.  One hero points on one side to show where the heroes are at that moment.  Another hero on the furthest side points to where the market is.  That’s pretty far!  Devan steps forward and strikes a heroic pose.)

Speed Guy can take care of this – he has the power to move objects with his mind!

(Devan makes a concentrated look on his face, like he’s trying really hard.  He gives up and looks disappointed.)

Looks like the milk is too far away for Speed Guy to grab with his mind.   Point Girl has the same superpower to move objects with her mind – because anything boys can do, girls can do better!

(Simran makes a concentrated look on her face, like she’s trying really hard.  She gives up and looks disappointed, as well.  Devan and Simran look at each other and pretend like they just hand a ‘bright idea’.  Simran, don’t forget to wink at Devan so that you two can come up with your “bright idea” at the same time!)

But what’s even better – two head are better than one!  Point Girl and Speed Guy concentrate together, and managed to bring the milk to them!  Huzzah!

(Simran and Devan count to three, concentrate really hard until a jug of milk appears on the stage between them!  The heroes let out a cheer!)

And what’s the quickest way to get home, kids?  Teleportation!  Point Girl holds her friends’ hands to get back to their cookies – but they end up no where near home!

(The Eiffel Tower appears behind them, and Esha says in French, “Where are we?”  The rest of the heroes look very confused.)

Thank goodness for SuperGirl’s power to speak every language in the universe!  Once they figured out from some lovely Parisians how to get home, Speed Guy grabbed both his friends and lept to the top of the Eiffel Tower to see what direction to take home.

(Devan stands in the middle of Esha and Simran.  They all hold hands and jump at the same timeAll the heroes point in the same direction and say “I can see my house from here!”)

And since Point Girl could actually see where she was going this time, she held onto her friends’ hands and teleported home.

(Our heroes hold hands and teleport back to the table with the cookies, ready to eat.)

Wait a second, everyone … where’s the milk?

(The heroes pretend to have an argument over who forgot the milk, storming off the stage.  That’s when Aneesa sneaks on and takes some cookies for herself!)

The End!

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