Monday, July 11, 2011

Synergy Arts Camp: 'Toy Story', Day One

Hey hey, welcome to the second week of Synergy Summer Arts Camp, where we've got our very special version of Toy Story: our campers' very own toys will come to life in their own imagination!

Last week was a great learning experience with running the camp.  I have to admit that I was lacking the material I really wanted for the dance portion of camp, and took advantage of how to build interest in the different dance forms I'll be showing the kids this week.  I spent some quality time creating some handouts that would give the kids information about the history of the dance form, warm-ups and stretches, basic dance moves and what to wear for your first dance class.  I'm also really fortunate that I have Rianna, Dante and Simran - The Paper Bag Princess kids from last week, they'll have what they should have received last week!
We've also got Sinead and Deidre, 12-year-old sisters who will be joining us on our Toy Story adventure.  Say hello, girls ... oh, sorry, they look pretty busy, we won't bug 'em!
Our Toy Story scripts are rather unique!  I was inspired to create a couple of fill-in-the-blank scripts, or 'mad scripts' as I like to call them, about the kids falling asleep and becoming their favourite toys in a dream.  I had said that anything goes in their very own dream and there was no wrong answer.  We shared our favourites after we took some time writing them and had a few giggles!  I had also included a writing exercise for the older girls, should they feel the need for a little challenge.

As the Synergy Camp Kids enjoy their free time, they share their favourite toys that they’ve brought to camp with each other.  As the Teacher instructs them that it’s ‘Relaxation Time’, they fall asleep – and become their favourite toys in a crazy dream!

Fill in the blanks to create your toy’s ‘dream scene’!

Let me tell you about my dream – it was really (description), because I was (word ending in -ing) as my toy, (your toy’s name), in my dream!  I was in a (description) (place) on a (weather) day.   There were (things) in the sky, and (favourite candy) grew in gardens everywhere I looked around.  Suddenly, I was surprised by a pile of (kind of vegetable) in the middle of the road, and it made me very (feeling)!  I decided to fly away with a winged (animal) to meet with my other toy friends in (country).  We ate (flavour of ice cream) and played (game)!  I was almost winning … and then I woke up!  I wish I stayed asleep a little longer!
This was the (description) dream I’ve ever had – I dreamed I was (your toy’s name), and it was (holiday)!  I watched as my (relative) put me in a (thing) and wrap me in (piece of clothing).  My heart was beating like a (kind of bug), waiting to be unwrapped.  I would think about all the cool things I’d get to do, like eat (favourite food), play (favourite game) and meet a whole bunch of new toy friends.  I hope I get to meet (the latest toy in stores)!  I’ve heard so much about that toy!  Wait!  I hear (type of sound) – I think they’re ready to unwrap me … and that’s when I woke up!  Oh, nuts – I wish every day was like Christmas!

Write a few sentences in narrative and one spoken line you would say as your toy character for each section to complete your scene.  You can include your fellow campers, other toys you own, or even creatures and characters from your own imagination!

Scene One:
This scene will include yourself as your toy and at least one other character.  Give lots of detail about your setting – place, time of day and weather conditions.  (Remember that it’s a dream; the sky could be purple with marshmallow clouds!)

Scene Two:
This is your first action scene!  What happens to surprise you and your cast of characters in the dream?  The Easter Bunny?  A tornado?  A freight train?  A mountain made of mashed potatoes?  Think of something unexpected that you may not see every day!

Scene Three:
This is your second action scene.   How do you all react to this surprise?  Are your surprised?  Shocked?  Overjoyed?  Confused?  There’s no wrong answer!

Scene Four:
This is your third action scene, where you and your cast of characters are leaving the scene.  How would you leave?  Would you all tap dance away?  Would you all climb in a race car?  Would you blast off in a rocket ship, or simply walk away?  Think of something creative!

Scene Five:
You and your friends are now relaxing after your ‘unexpected surprise’.   Think about a place you like to go to celebrate a special event, or an activity you like to do with a group of people.  Anything from tree-climbing to dress-shopping to cookie-baking – the sky’s the limit for what makes you happy!

I'm excited to show you my dance handouts that I've made for this week.  Last week helped me in preparation for this portion of camp, and I'll be posting them separately this week since my camera's being a bit of a jerk.  It's on the fritz, unfortunately, and I'll need to send it back to the shop.  Grrrr.

Looking forward to the rest of the week to see how these Toy Stories turn out!

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