Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Synergy Arts Camp: Synergy Superhero Missions!

The kids had a great time yesterday creating their superhero characters, creating backstories and even a chance to design costumes and 'fighting weapons'.  I had one rule for that - they had to distract the villian, not wound or harm him/her.  One kid had a ray gun that turned everything into frosting.  Pretty nifty!

I had created three 'mission' scenarios that allowed the kids to use problem-solving skills in a group setting, with their selected powers.  It's also a great version of the improv game 'Stunt Double', where you call another actor in to perform a 'dangerous stunt'; example, turning on the hose to wash the car.  The 'missions' themselves are all based on common situations: What? No Milk?! has the superheroes out of milk, thus not being able to fully enjoy their freshly baked treats until they procure some; It's My Party! has the heroes prepare for a friends' birthday and making sure everything is perfect to the last detail; A Clean Room has the heroes performing an important task before they can enjoy the day's crime-fighting.

We had agreed to perform their favourite mission, What? No Milk?!, at the end of the week for the parents - which is perfect, because we've got a delicious surprise for them at the end of the week! 

Mission Code Name:
“What? No Milk?!”
Your Mission, should you choose to accept:
Every superhero team has a favourite snack they like to enjoy before they fight crime – your team enjoys baking cookies together before the big event!  
Your team is all ready to enjoy your freshly-baked cookies you’ve made yourselves, only to realize you don’t have any milk to dunk them in!  You just can’t have cookies without milk!
You must use your superpowers to get the milk from the store as soon as you possibly can before the cookies cool from being out of the oven. 
What combination of superpowers in your group can help get the job done the fastest?  What kind of obstacles could be in your way to keep you from getting some fresh, cold, delicious milk for those freshly baked cookies?  Discuss your ‘superpowers’ and how you can work together!
Mission Code Name:
“It’s My Party!”

Your Mission, should you choose to accept: 
You’re very excited to be planning a surprise birthday party for a fourth member of your team!  The theme colour is green, the member’s costume colour, and everyone has brought party decorations in every colour – but no green!
You’ve got streamers, you’ve got party hats, and you’ve got balloons in all sorts of wonderful colours, and your team wants to make this birthday special for the mystery guest – who will be arriving any minute now!   
You must use a combination of your ‘superpowers’ to acquire green party decorations and decorate your party room before the mystery guest arrives!
Discuss your ‘superpowers’ and how you can use them together to solve your party crisis as fast as you can! 

Mission Code Name:
“A Clean Room” 

Your Mission, should you choose to accept: 
You’re ready for a day of heroism with your friends, but Mom says you can’t leave until your room is clean!  You look around your bedroom to see it in a rather big mess.
Your bed isn’t made, your dirty socks are everywhere, and you can’t see the floor because nearly every toy you own is scattered about!  You’ve got to hurry – there’s lots to do, and no time to waste.  You’ll call on the aide of your team to help you clean your room in record time!
Use a combination of your superpowers to put everything back in its proper place, your bed made and your toys away – and those stinky socks in the hamper, too!
Remember – if you work as a team, the faster you’ll get the job done! 

I'll be writing a special script for the kids based on the first mission to be performed on Friday - plus that delicious surprise, courtesy of Alessandra!

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