Monday, July 25, 2011

Synergy Arts Camp: Synergy Superheroes!

It's a week to make heroes!

I was really inspired by the 'fill-in-the-blank' script format that helped me create the script for this week's theme, Synergy Superheroes!  I'll be giving the kids a questionnaire first to help create their superhero identity, followed by a few 'missions' that they'll have to use their superpowers for.

I figure since we only had a week, and kids' imaginations can really turn to the weird and ridiculous, I controlled the options while still making them weird and ridiculous.  Have a look-see!

Welcome to Synergy Superheroes Week!  Although we live our everyday lives in our ‘mild-mannered alter-egos’, there are ‘superhero’ potential and qualities inside each and every one of us – and we’ll be discovering them with each other this week!  Here’s a character-building writing exercise to help discover your superhero name and powers, even your superhero costume!  

Your superheroes will represent some of your actual personality traits, your talents and ‘superpowers’ you would love to have as a hero!  The Camp Teacher will divide you into groups to create your very own Synergy Super Team, where you’ll share you superhero identities to each other.  You’ll then be given a ‘world crisis’ by the Camp Teacher and an opportunity to use each of your teams’ powers to solve the crisis and save the day! 

Remember, heroes – it’s all about teamwork, because no one could solve a crisis alone, big or small!  Let’s get started in designing your superhero!
1. What are you?
o   Male
o   Female
o   Alien  (If you select this one, please answer question #2 and #3!)
o   Robot (If you select this one, please answer question #4 and #5!)

2. If not from Earth, what planet/galaxy are you from?
o   Mars
o   Saturn
o   Neptune
o   Orion’s Belt
o   Outside the known universe

3. If you are an alien, what do you look like?
o   Green skin with antennas for eyes
o   A big, purple blob with a face
o   Blue reptile-like creatures with big tails
o   In disguise – just like you and me!

4. If you are a robot, who was your builder?
o   A mad scientist from the future
o   A kind inventor needing a helper in his laboratory
o   A robot-making factory in a secret location
o   Elves from another planet
o   No one knows – it’s a mystery!

5. What does your robot self look like?
o   Metal boxes and lots of switches
o   I’m an android – I look like a human being and move like a robot!

What do you like best about yourself?  (Please select only three!)
o   I am kind to animals.
o   I enjoy helping people.
o   I am respectful to others.
o   I am creative.
o   I am strong and athletic.
o   I am generous.
o   I am brave.
o   I am smart.
o   I am kind to my friends and family.
o   I enjoy making new friends.
o   I enjoy solving problems.
o   I enjoy making people happy.
o   I am curious about how things work.

What kind of superpowers would you like to have?  (Please select only three!)
o   Flying
o   X-ray vision
o   Crawling up walls
o   Leaping tall buildings
o   Communicate with animals
o   Transform into an animal
o   Transform into objects
o   Travel through time
o   Teleport from one place to another
o   Speak every language in the universe
o   Shoot spaghetti out of your fingertips
o   Be the smartest person in the world
o   Move objects with your mind (this is called ‘telekinesis’!)
o   Run at super-speed
o   Read people’s minds (this is called ‘telepathy’!)

I included a blank page for any details they wanted to write down, such as what animal they would turn into or if there's a specific kind of sauce that was shot with the spaghetti (thank you, Dane Cook!)  Also included was a section to help with their costume design.  I snagged a few free colouring pages from the good folks at as a template design for the kids.  Here they are!

Tomorrow we set on our missions!

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